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  • Raising awareness of a foreign mobile ad-tech veteran in China!


    Ongoing China PR Program


    • Glispa was looking for an independent agency to reach app developers and publishers in China
    • Influence Matters developed content and built media relations, event support and social media programs to regularly put Glispa on the front page
    • Result: 4 front page articles per month on average, many interviews, fast growing social media following, and directly generated business leads


China’s mobile internet economy is massive. And mobile. In 2016, over 95% of the 733 million internet users in China used mobile devices to access the internet. These numbers have created a hyper-competitive mobile marketing and advertising market dominated by a handful of local players. It’s hard to get noticed against local champions.

Additionally, Chinese developers and publishers are also increasingly looking growing their market and monetization internationally. For that, they need a good international mobile marketing partner such as Glispa. But in a competitive market, competitors make noise too. We needed to make more!


Influence Matters built a highly effective ongoing media relations, event support and WeChat program designed to put Glispa’s executives, corporate story, and solutions in front of decision makers in the Chinese app economy with engaging content, very regularly.

The team leveraged content developed by our Content Hub specifically for China as well as localized from Glispa’s own international marketing efforts, and built lasting relationships with top tier marketing, mobile internet, e-commerce and technology press in China to deliver regular front page coverage positioning Glispa as the best partner for mobile marketing, programmatic, influencer engagement and user acquisition solutions.

On social media, Influence Matters built and maintains Glispa’s official WeChat platform to re-engage more closely decision makers, delivering compelling weekly solutions and company stories.

Influence Matters also leveraged Glispa’s participation at major trade events in China, such as GMIC Beijing or ChinaJoy in Shanghai to engage the press directly with announcements and interviews.


An average of 4 high profile front page coverage every month, 20 key editors engaged directly with interviews, hundreds of press articles resulting from the reprints of initial coverage and announcements and a fast growing WeChat following have cemented Glispa as a leader absolutely open for business with China, and directly generated qualified business leads!

  • What results look like

  • What results look like