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  • Making the headlines at two top tech events in Greater China!


    CES Asia and Rise Conf program


    • EnchantVC just rebranded and needed to leverage their presence at CES Asia and RISE Conference to reintroduce themselves and their program
    • Influence Matters connected EnchantVC with plenty of Chinese and international media
    • Result: More than 50 articles in top tier tech and business press in China, coverage in top international business press


EnchantVC, a Singapore based accelerator program for consumer tech startups had just rebranded and was taking 12 of their incubees to present on an EnchantVC pavilion at CES Asia 2016 in Shanghai and RISE Conference in Hong Kong two weeks later, an unmissable opportunity to re-introduce themselves capturing the tech world’s buzz at these major events. However, they knew they would not be alone and needed to stand out.


Influence Matters put together a media relations program that would ensure media would leave CES Asia and RISE knowing EnchantVC was a strong contender in Asia for best incubator program for consumer tech startups. Our program showed how successful EnchantVC’s acceleration program is by leveraging the founders of EnchantVC and building on their experience, as well as using the startups under EnchantVC as a focal point.

We developed Chinese and English press material introducing EnchantVC’s program and startups, and would put together an announcement that would make the headlines of CES Asia.

In Shanghai, the media relation programs included a press conference and startups pitch in front of 20 of the most influential tech reporters in China and one on one briefings for the startups with the most influential editors in town. In Hong Kong, the target was international business press, with which we arranged thought leading interviews with the founders discussing the future of the Internet of Things and investment.


EnchantVC made the headlines during CES Asia with over 50 articles in leading tech press, showing the power of the program for startups considering China. In Hong Kong, EnchantVC connected with leading international press such as Bloomberg, the Financial Times, New York Times and South China Morning Post resulting in coverage positioning EnchantVC and its founders as one of the best programs to crack Asia for startups.

  • What results look like

  • What results look like

  • What results look like

  • What results look like

  • What results look like