18 May

Influencers - the new faces of the Chinese retail business

By Lucrezia Dal Pra Following a successful cooperation between Influence Matters and Travel Alberta, the Canadian province's travel promotion agency, we decided to share a few interesting...

  • 07 Jul
    The Ascension of Artificial Intelligence

    2017 can be considered a benchmark in the field of Artificial Intelligence, as it was applied in China for the very first time! In May 2017, the International Go Summit took place in Wuzhen, with Ke Jie, a renowned Go World Champion competing against DeepMind’s AlphaGo. Three Matches were completed in May 23, 25, and 27. The…

  • 21 Jun
    Influence Matters at CES Asia 2017 – Photo recap

    Shanghai just hosted a major showcase of innovative technology that promises to brighten the future of each single geek worldwide. Well some if it. From June 7th to 9th, CES Asia presented some of the most advanced tech products developed by the largest Chinese and foreign brands around the world. Simon Vericel, Influence Matters’ GM,…

  • 08 May
    La French Tech at GMIC, Supported by Influence Matters – Photo Recap!

    La French Tech Beijing, an organization actively supported by Influence Matters and co-founded by our founder Simon, in partnership with Business France and the French Institute of the French Embassy, hosted and presented a delegation of 5 French Startups at the French Tech Beijing pavilion at GMIC2017, China’s largest exhibition and conference on mobile internet. GMIC2017 IN PICTURES The French Tech Pavilion: The…