18 May

Influencers - the new faces of the Chinese retail business

By Lucrezia Dal Pra Following a successful cooperation between Influence Matters and Travel Alberta, the Canadian province's travel promotion agency, we decided to share a few interesting...

  • 12 Apr
    The rise of Steam in China

    The total number of Chinese steam users has officially crossed the 10 million threshold and now numbers 14 million. According to Steamspy, an application programming interface that tracks sales and other statistics on Steam, Chinese users now take up 6.49% of the total user population on Steam. The initial Influx of Gamers Steam was not…

  • 24 Mar
    What Did the 2017 ‘Two Sessions’ Say About China’s Cybersecurity & Information Technology?

    The 2017 annual sessions of the National People’s Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) took place in Beijing from March 3rd to 15th. Each year’s ‘two sessions’ are commonly regarded as the weathervane of China’s political, economic, social and technological development. Among many of the topics discussed this year, the issues…

  • 25 Feb
    What’s at Stake in WeChat’s Mini Programs?

    Post written by Shan, Influence Matters Senior Executive, Strategy and Account Management Jan. 9th, 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of the first iPhone and also a significant day for Zhang Xiaolong, the mastermind behind WeChat and Senior Vice President of the Chinese internet giant Tencent, when he announced the launch of ‘Mini Programs’ on the…