Communication Strategy

Engaging your audience the right way is crucial to being efficient and effective in your communications.

We help you identify strategic communication needs and navigate through local and international communication environments, whether you are expanding out of China or ramping up your China growth.

Thought Leadership

You are the best. Everybody should know.

We help your organization own the conversation through effective and creative earned and owned media programs, so you can approach key stakeholders the reputation that precedes you that you want.

Influence Mapping

Know your ecosystem of influence

Making sure you connect with the right influencers and understand how they fit in your ecosystem is paramount to making sure your message reaches the audience it is meant for. We research and map your stakeholders comprehensively so no stone is left unturned, and no effort is wasted on the wrong target.

Story & Content Development

Content is king. We did not invent this, but it’s true.

Our Content Hub knows how to develop stories that match your organization's DNA, enhances its messages, and connects with your ecosystem of influence locally or globally effectively, whether its through copy or digital content such as videos and animations

Media Relations

Connecting with the right editor, the right way, will go a long way in getting your message across to that media and its audience.

We're experts in identifying the best general and vertical channels for each story, ensuring you make a lasting impression. Consistently.

Influencer Engagement

Influence is increasingly spread across different, new and short-living channels, and attached to a person rather than an organization.

Our strategies make sure to connect you with the people that will champion your thought leadership and help you attain your goals.

Social Media Activation

Social media is an increasingly complex jungle, and especially confusing for organisations running campaigns in and out of China.

We know both worlds and design integrated campaigns that increase your influence in today's highly connected audiences.

PR Fundamentals

Keep a finger on the pulse of your ecosystem

Keeping a finger on the pulse of Chinese and global industry news and influencers is important to be on top of every market trend, competitor move or influence shift. We maintain databases of influencers and events, monitor your ecosystem's news and changes so you can swiftly adapt your communication strategy when needed.

  • 04/16
    Event support


    They needed to change the way China perceived French innovation.

  • 2016
    Media Relations


    Making the headlines at two top tech events in Greater China!

  • 2017


    Raising awareness of a foreign mobile ad-tech veteran to a competitive level in China!

  • 2017
    Media Relations


    Putting a foreign game atop Chinese app stores.