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  • 26 Apr
    Meet Influence Matters’ team at GMIC 2017

    GMIC 2017, one of the most awaited global events celebrating the convergence of technology, music and entertainment will take place from April 27th to April 29th in Beijing, and Influence Matters’ team will be there! You will find us at La French Tech’s pavilion, where we will be representing both Influence Matters and Networking Matters….

  • 21 Apr
    Are Portable Power Banks the New Unicorn of China’s Sharing Economy?

    by Bingjiefu He Portable power banks are ubiquitous in China, and have evolved to become an everyday item in the lives of Chinese mobile users. However, the humble power bank is set to become the centerpiece of the latest craze in China’s ever-shifting startup scene, as the latest device to join the “sharing economy”. There…

  • 12 Apr
    The rise of Steam in China

    The total number of Chinese steam users has officially crossed the 10 million threshold and now numbers 14 million. According to Steamspy, an application programming interface that tracks sales and other statistics on Steam, Chinese users now take up 6.49% of the total user population on Steam. The initial Influx of Gamers Steam was not…